this is who i am…

I’m Emily. I’m a wife to a great husband and a mama to the coolest little boy and the chillest baby girl on the planet.

I’m a daughter, sister, aunt and niece of some of the most awesome people I know, and I love every minute of it.

I heard someone say once that if you don’t know the purpose of something, abuse is inevitable. Thankfully, I’ve known my purpose for quite some time. Everyone was born to worship, but I’m so very humbled and grateful that I was made to lead people in worship. Worship is the only thing that keeps me sane; the very thing for which my soul longs.

When I’m not writing or singing, I love rainy days that make for good reading.
There’s nothing like a good thunderstorm for sitting on the porch and smelling the rain.
I’m a creative writer at heart, and I tend to be rather dramatic in my story-telling because of it.
I’m pretty impatient most of the time, and part of me is working on it. Part of me enjoys living in the future and tolerating the present.
I love purple and blue and green and gray and orange and red… :)
If I could live in the mountains by a lake, I’d be in heaven.
I love to laugh, and I love to be around people that make me laugh.
I am a hopeless romantic; call me sappy, I don’t care.
I’m stubborn.
My favorite movie is Steel Magnolias. My sister and I quote entire scenes from memory.
I can guarantee the eclectic-ness of my taste in music rivals pretty much anyone else’s you know.
And, as if you couldn’t tell, I may be the most random person ever.


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