It IS the will of God…

Four years ago when Eli received the autism diagnosis, I thought I would fall apart. Not because I couldn’t handle it, but because I didn’t want my baby boy to have to deal with life being different. I didn’t want him to struggle, because I knew then and I know now how hard life is […]

Vivid Memories…

I remember most details from this day more vividly than any other day in my life.

I remember the car pulling in between a large metal gate that was lined with people yelling and holding signs that went all the way around the block.

I remember getting out the car and just standing there, paralyzed with fear, but trying not to feel anything.

Submission…part two:

I need to preface these posts by saying two things:  ONE: I am a stay-at-home mama. While that is, in my humble opinion, the hardest job on the planet, it does have its advantages in certain areas. So, these comments are coming from that perspective. That doesn’t mean that wives that work outside the home […]