It was a field of rejects where I lay…


[It was a field of rejects where I lay/In a pile the world had thrown away/Then the Master Potter found me/Said He’d make me whole again]

I started listening this morning to the Kenny Hinson tribute album that Mike Bowling did a couple of years ago, and I got to this song before I made it to work. This song, like so many other Hinson originals, has such simple lyrics with such a poignant message. Half the time, songs like this just go in one ear and out the other, but this morning, this song stuck out so clearly to me. Maybe it’s the course my life has taken in the last few months, but it meant something this morning that it’s never meant before.

It means that I’m free from the mindset of not being good enough to serve God. It means that there is no longer any condemnation through Christ Jesus and the blood He shed for my sin. It means that God loves me so unconditionally.

It means, essentially, God is good.



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