Vivid Memories…

I remember most details from this day more vividly than any other day in my life.

I remember the car pulling in between a large metal gate that was lined with people yelling and holding signs that went all the way around the block.

I remember getting out the car and just standing there, paralyzed with fear, but trying not to feel anything.


Well, y’all…

…I’ve personally confirmed that there is very little in this world that is worse for a parent than having a child hospitalized. The fight to get an IV started, the struggle to sleep, the inability to get over the self-doubt and blame we place on ourselves as parents…especially moms….it’s both terrible and terrifying. Over the […]

First tip to look after your husband:

Have dinner ready. The 1950’s article I mentioned in the intro to this series goes on to say that meals should be planned ahead, maybe even the day before, so that the meal is on time and ready when he enters the house. This is one way to let your husband know that you have […]

Submission…part two:

I need to preface these posts by saying two things:  ONE: I am a stay-at-home mama. While that is, in my humble opinion, the hardest job on the planet, it does have its advantages in certain areas. So, these comments are coming from that perspective. That doesn’t mean that wives that work outside the home […]

Last night, as I was praying for my husband …

…before I went to bed, I felt the Lord urging me to do a very odd thing. I kept hearing in my spirit, “Go lay at his feet and pray.” That was really strange to me, so I asked the Lord to repeat Himself, you know…like maybe He changed His mind. There it was again. […]

I promise. I see the irony here…

…in the fact that the last time I posted, it was to inform y’all that I deactivated my Facebook. I was so over the drama within those four edges of my phone screen. Never had I ever witnessed so many adults whining and complaining about things that don’t amount to a hill of beans in […]

I got rid of my Facebook…

…and I do. not. miss the thing. Truth, y’all. Confession: I found an app that tracks the usage of all the apps on my phone. I will not publish for all the world to see how many hours a week I was spending on Facebook. It’s shameful. Even more shameful: that wasn’t enough to make […]